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PP Pipe extruder

AR-35SH Model

  • The extruder is specially designed to manufacture high quality PP round pipe in an even thickness and diameter.

  • Such fine PP pipes make feeding trouble free and a smooth going process.

  • Because it is a one-line system, the flow of PP resin is smooth and the quaritily of extrusion is stabilized without unevenness.

  • There for making it possible to extrude a uniform diameter of PP pipe.

  • The length of PP pipe can be fixed optionally from 61cm to 215cm and precisely finished in an even length.

  • The operation is a very simple one with relatively few problems involved in the manufacture of the PP pipe.

  • Adjustments to the machine can be made easily and satisfactorily.

  • This extruder is highly economical due to its excellent low cost, manufacturing capacity and the reduced loss of raw materials.

  • Because this machine is very compact, you can make the best of limited space effectively.

  • The take-up and cutter unit uses a rotary cutter, that makes the cutting of PP pipes a smooth process.

  • This extruder consists of a main extruder, a quenching bath, a take-up & cutting unit and a pipe receptacle.

  • Please note that for future product improvement external design and sped fications are subject to change without previou notice.

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