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Make a " Sell Well " product is ASAGOE Brand Strength

[Product made by Asagoe Machinery sell well ]
This is the word that I often hear from our customers. Product made by Asagoe Machine, has a characterized weave pattern, it is not only beautiful but also with excellent durability.
Consumers perceive and feel the difference with other products, It is going in fever of the beautiful and durable product Even the price is higher.
For Salable product , Asagoe Machine will do a big effect.

Machines High precision and durability ensures stable operation of the plant.

Weaving Machine is made by a precision of thousands of parts, if there is a deficiency of one of them It may affect the running of the machine , this last could give a trouble to factory operation.
Source of thorough quality management , we are processing in-house all the component necessary to the machine.
Therefore , the entire machine is set at the optimal balance to achieve stable operation with high accuracy. In addition, we assume all the trouble during the transport from Japan, Rust processing, packing method subjected to strong impact resistance, we deliver to our customers in best state.
Asagoe Machine thoroughly work with the pride of Made in Japan , we have been making The world’s best weaving machine .

We carefully investigate, each country needs, are reflected in the development.

We have a market for wide range of products.   We are exporting our products to the South East Asia, Middle East , South American and African countries.   We are not only supplying our products to above areas, but also, we send our experienced engineers to these countries for skilling up local technicians' technical ability.  ASAGOE continues to make all efforts every day in providing better products and services to the world market with our global vision.

Integrated Production

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